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The help document is well written but would be enhanced by including links to video tutorials on how to use this software effectively. Thank you.

Whiterabbit-uk, 10.04.2012, 07:22
Response from the site administrator
colasoft, 10.04.2012
Thanks for your suggestion. The video tutorials can be reached directly at the Online Resource window within the software itself.
Idea status: under consideration


Whiterabbit-uk, 10.04.2012, 08:08
Ah, thank you. I couldn’t see then initially, even though I thought I'd checked the software over thoroughly. :)

I still think adding links to the videos in the help document would be useful. They could be made into bite sized videos that cover fewer areas rather than an all-round video.

This may seem silly at first, but from my teaching experience, bite sized information, placed logically with the written dialogue is much better than including lots of info about several areas all in one place..

(Please excuse the long winded explanation, I'm still waking up, lol).

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